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Kurt Hummel ★ GLEE

Someone get me to a day spa! Stat!

2 May
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kurt hummel ★ GLEE

We're doing this amazing song for Sectionals. A personal favorite of mine, and Mr Schuester won't give me a chance to sing it.
BURT: Why?
KURT: It's... traditionally sung by a girl.
BURT: Well, you sing like a girl. You know, in a good way.
- GLEE, 1x09 "Wheels"


Kurt (Elizabeth) Hummel is fashionable gay male countertenor in glee with a flair for the dramatic. A self-named fashion iconoclast, he counts Marc Jacobs among his faves. Kurt came out as gay to friend and fellow Glee Club member, Mercedes, and soon after gained the confidence to come out to his straight as an arrow manly father. He joined the school football team in order to impress his father, and helped McKinley High's failing team to win a game by teaching them how to keep their bodies in shape through dance, namely Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Kurt has a high vocal range, and self-identifies as a soprano singer.

It took a long time for Kurt to be out and proud of who he is, living a very sheltered and protected life in the wake of his mother's death when he was nine years old. Although his father, Burt, professes he knew Kurt was gay since he was three, Kurt struggled with the notion he was different to anyone else as he grew up and tried to mask who he really was to fit in. He has suffered horrifically at the hand of bullies due to his sexuality, which all reached a painful climax in his Junior year when resident school bully, Dave Karofsky, harrassed Kurt unrelentlessly and threatened his life because he was gay. Kurt came to realise the reason for it could be Karofsky's own sexuality when he kissed Kurt abruptly when Kurt confronted him about the bullying. All in the wake of his father suffering a serious heart attack, it really wasn't Kurt's year.

Until he Blaine Anderson. Refined and attractive gay guy from local all-boys school, Dalton Academy. It was Blaine who gave Kurt the courage to confront his enemy, but it all came to a head without resolution and Kurt was forced to leave McKinley High and seek solace at Dalton with Blaine. Their friendship grew, and soon blossomed into Kurt's first romance when Blaine confessed his feelings for Kurt and gave Kurt his first real kiss.

This journal is a school-aged version of mirror journal, justbeingaqueen. Because Kurt is now a high school graduate, just about all his verses are played via the mirror journal and this has just become a tracking portal for the mun.

All Kurt's current verse information can be found HERE.

This journal is for ROLEPLAY and MUSE purposes only. I am not Kurt Hummel from Glee. He belongs to Glee's creators and Fox. Not his actor, Chris Colfer. He belongs to himself. No profit is being made. For entertainment purposes only.
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